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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Piper Dreams

Piper was losing her passion for her job. She remembered the early days when the ad agency she worked for was young and struggling and it seemed that anything was possible. The opportunity for creativity was tremendous. But now it's all corporate and bottom-line and it takes committees of people in other states to get things done (but they often don't get anything done). Plus, her bosses are asking her to make every campaign about sex, 'cause you know, sex sells.

But Piper has just grown tired of it all. She didn't get into the business to create the sort of sexy ad campaigns that are an insult to most people's intelligence. Anybody can do that. She got into the business to delve more deeply and be more creative .... And now, she's going to start doing more work on the side, the sort of projects she can take pride in. She's partnering with a frustrated peer from another agency to start creating good campaigns, so they can go up against the very companies that employ them .... Piper's going to keep at this until something breaks for her ... because Piper, like everyone these days, needs hope and something to believe in. And if she can take down the company that has made her life so incredibly hellish in the process, well, that's just an added bonus.

Left the revengeful Piper in the ladies' room of Jalisco Mexican and Spanish Restaurant, 700 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale. It's a smallish and colorfully decorated place with two rooms, a bar and a colorfully-dressed, bow-tied accordion player named Stanley. His music really adds something to the dining experience. It's not too loud, and it gives the place that special something that helps set it apart from many other such places. The food is good, the prices extremely reasonable and the service excellent. It's just a cool local spot that seems to draw a loyal crowd of regulars.


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