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Monday, August 18, 2008

Another Tile Adventure Begins

It's been a while since I posted here about Feisty Fred, the tile featuring a mischievous cat who went out for Friday happy hour ... and perhaps some fish, and was kidnapped and taken on a little adventure that landed him in Tennessee several weeks later. That's where he was discovered by a young artist named Sami who quickly became his friend. His little feline face was featured in the newspaper there and he continues to live happily ever after.

Now, another tile has been kidnapped from it's yearlong location behind the bar at Ernie's, the infamous local BBQ spot established on Fort Lauderdale's Federal Highway in 1957. The character's name is Roni, and she's terrified of asterisks. I dropped Roni in the restroom there about a year ago, and never knew what became of her. Then I received this message from Rucci, the same mosaic tile artist who found Fred:

"As my girlfriend and I were upstairs at Ernie's Rooftop, we noticed yet another MTM tile! The bartender said she found it a year ago. We told her the tale of Feisty Fred and she said to take [Roni] on another adventure! And so we are ... of course since Roni hates asterisks, we can't say where we are are bringing her but she will have a d*** good time and probably make some new friends! We couldn't find her on your blogspot ... where is she? .... Rucci and Sherry"

I told him I was sure she was on the site and would send a link ... but I couldn't find her. Nor was there a photo of her in my photo file. So I think the girl's got some hacking skills and has apparently found a way to be living off the grid for about a year now. So yeah, she was ready for adventure.

Today, I received a message from her finders, with a little update on her adventures thus far ... and I guess there's more to come. Here is their message, and the pics to accompany it:

"OK, so Fred's adventure has come to an end but Roni's it seems is just beginning! She's already had a busy week. As you can see, she's been out and about Fort Lauderdale after her year of hanging out at Ernie's roof-top under the watchful eye of Jamie (who incidentally is one great bartender) she ran off to the beach with Sherry and Rucci to go scuba diving.

"After spending the night with The Haz-Mat crew at Station 55 on The Ft. Lauderdale Executive airport. She went riding all over town with the Division Chief! After weathering tropical storm Fay she hit the road to North Carolina ....

"As of this writing she may be on a Harley-Davidson tooling up I-95 ... more info and pics of Roni's exploits are to follow .... and of course the location and coordinates of her final spot."

Stay tuned for further details about Roni.


At 4:00 PM, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Isn't it nice to see the travels of your offspring? How they grow up, leave the nest, and find new friends?

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Mary Tiler More said...

Yes, it's very nice. Between Feisty Fred, Roni and another one that's off traveling (but forgot to send a postcard), my little dysfunctional tile family is really getting out and about this summer!


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