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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Patty likes Pies and Purple

By the end of Saturday, Patty had convinced herself that there was nothing wrong with eating pie for dinner. In fact, she was pretty sure that was a good thing. Yeah, she knows that she says her trip down to Pink Ghost at Riverfront in Fort Lauderdale was all about the art ... and it was, but you know, she couldn't stop thinking about the pies, so she tried a sliver of the blueberry, which was quite tasty, kinda like one might expect to get while spending the summer on your aunt's blueberry farm .... which makes sense since the Purple Pie Company states that "everything comes from hands, not from cans." The pies are made from the freshest available ingredients, the company says, and contain no chemicals, preservatives or trans-fat.

Having spotted nowhere to discreetly leave a purplish tile at PG, I left Patty at the neighboring Haagen-Dazs in the ladies room ... 'cause that's as close as I could get to leaving it at the place I intended anonymously. And pie and ice cream do go together, kinda like milk and cookies. So it was the next best thing.

The art was great as well. Some ever-familiar locals like Pachy Sarmiento, Helena Garcia and Pooka Machine, as well as out-of-towners like the Van Winkle Brothers, who I believe are from L.A. About 20-some artists were represented in this exhibit. Each piece was eight-by-eight inches, which is perfect for that small space back in the corner. The art was also priced, which in my opinion is always a nice plus.

Pink Ghost also has a really nice selection of T-shirts, many of which feature designs by local artists. My favorite was a yellow T-shirt with a robot sadly looking down at his little heart on the ground. They also have lots of artsy books and weird little toys. I'll be going back when I'm in more of a shopping mode ... Rent can't be cheap at Riverfront, but I like this little place. Those who like art and can afford to shop, should consider supporting it before it becomes the distant memory so many other places have become.


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