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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Crazy Gracie

Ann looked all prim and proper which made her secret night gig as Crazy Gracie the Roller Derby Queen a lot more fun. Her co-workers would have no idea, at least until the day she finally got outed for her nighttime ventures. But since most of them weren't all that in tune, she figured she still had a pretty good haul ahead before that would happen ... if she was careful between now and then, and her friends kept her secrets. But since she chooses friends very carefully, she wasn't too worried.

Dropped Ann down at Brew, a coffeehouse in Himmarshee Village, on a shiny round table in the ladies room. Ann is, believe or not, the 200th tile I have posted. There are also a few floating around that I didn't post.

This being a minor milestone of sorts, I'd like to say more about Ann, and about this project, but you know, it's late, and I don't want to rush through that kinda thing. I already have to rush through so much in the course of a day ... that's not what I want other things in my life to be about. When it comes to my life outside of work, I like to take things slow and easy, to appreciate the tiny moments that ultimately make up my life, the tiny moments that define all of our lives.

I guess that's kind of how I consider my tiles ... like small yet significant moments worth remembering, tiny epiphanies that eventually lead to larger revelations. And I know I just said that I wanted to say more about this project, but I realized that I've just said it all, at least for now ... I think tiny epiphanies pretty much sums it all up.


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