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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Parade Pranks

When Joy told her friends she was going to the parade, they told her it was a long-standing town tradition to attend the parade in your jammies and big fuzzy slippers. Joy is so naive, downright gullible. She just goes and believes everything her friends tell her, and more often than not she winds up the fool. But it could be worse, I suppose. She could just go around just not trusting anyone. So at least there's that. And besides, she was pretty comfy.

Left Joy in front of some boarded up business that seemed to have construction going on in the 3500 block of Galt Ocean Mile, next door to someplace that used to be an Irish pub. It's a sheltered spot, out of the rain .... And yes, I do know about the faces on this tile. And yes, it is intentional. But no, I'm not exactly sure why ...


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