One woman, lots of paint and hundreds of tiles. If you're here because you found a painted tile, it's yours to keep.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tom's Monday

Sometimes Tom started wearing his Monday face as early as Sunday morning. That's when he started thinking to himself, "Tomorrow at this time I'll be back in the cubicle." If only his cube had a window ... just a little window ...

This tile was inspired by a song by Miami indie-pop band Baby Calendar. It's called Cubicle No Window ... I heard it for the first time today and even though I've never met these musicians, I'm sure they must have written this song just for me. I actually liked all of the songs they've posted, but especially this one. Other cubers wishing for windows can hear this song here. Cubicle No Window is apparently from the band's album Gingerbread Dog which was released on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records.

Dropped Tommy at Maggie Moo's at 2422 N. Federal Hiighway in Fort Lauderdale ... where they have some very delicious ice cream.


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