One woman, lots of paint and hundreds of tiles. If you're here because you found a painted tile, it's yours to keep.

Monday, April 28, 2008


When Annie was little, she couldn't imagine life going on without her. She seriously thought the world would stop spinning if she were to die. She thought everyone would cry and cry and cry, and be too sad to ever be the same again. Now she realizes that, for the most part, it would be back to the regularly scheduled programming, at least for most people. Sometimes Annie misses being a little girl, and having a mom that made her feel like the most important person in the world. Other times she just knows how lucky she is to have once felt like the center of a universe. Not everybody gets that as a kid, and that's when you have to feel it .... because when your a kid it's OK to feel that way. But if you're still feeling like the center of the universe when you grow up, it's called having issues ... like "What does she really think the world revolves around her?"

Left Annie at Too Jay's, a nice little diner in Lake Worth, and a perfect spot for Sunday breakfast.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Trina's Epiphany

Trina was feeling really rundown because her boss Al was working her like a damn dog for 10-12 hours a day, six days a week. She had to compile newsletters, generate reports and even write speeches for her oh-so-educated managers who couldn't talk their way out of a paper bag. OK, so no one really talks their way out of a paper bag, but whatever. The bottom line was that it had been months since she had any time to work on the the novel she's been writing, or her short stories or even her blog. She was beginning to feel resentful, and then it dawned on her. Why not outsource the parts of her job she didn't love to make time for her real passions? Al would never have to know, would he? Now that she's got people to rely on, she's getting out more ... Dropped her off at The Cottage in Lake Worth.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dances in Fitting Rooms

When Jaye tries on new clothes at the store, she sometimes dances around the fitting room ... just to see what her clothes look like while dancing ... and only buys skirts that swirl. But that's when she is feeling her best. Other times, she doesn't wanna go anywhere near those fitting rooms, cause there's something really unflattering about the lights in there. It kinda makes her not look that good. On those days, if she HAS to try on clothes, she closes her eyes while she is putting them on and then opens them once she's tucked into her new outfit. That way, there's no judging herself or scolding herself about how she really does need to get out and jog and exercise a wee bit more. Jaye decided that if she ever opens a little clothing store, or maybe a thrift store, she'll serve wine to her shoppers and there would be no fluorescent lighting in the fitting rooms, only the glow of cande light, 'cause everybody looks a little nicer by candlelight, don't ya think? Maybe music would be nice too. Speaking of music, I dropped Jaye off in a place where Frank Sinatra music was playing all night long ... Tedesco Pizzeria at 218 E. Commercial Blvd. in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. It's a cool little place with reasonable prices, great service and some atmosphere. Jaye is hiding inside a cabinet, next to somebody's toothbrush, which she was pretty happy about because, after all, oral hygeine is very important.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Helen Can't Decide


Some days, Helen couldn't make up her mind about anything. Cinema Paradiso or Gateway? The yellow shirt or the blue? Pinot Grigio or popcorn? In the end, well, it was Then She Found Me at Cinema Paradiso. A premiere. Free. Written and directed by Helen Hunt. Wow, every other time I have been to this incredibly comfortable theater, it was me and four other people. Tonight, a packed house. There were too many people around for me to even consider dropping a tile ... so left it along the river downtown ... in one of those little covered things with the benches, along the New River ... not that far from the Briny Pub ... where some singer-guitarist was singing Cat Stevens and a song about a horse with no name ... felt good to be out of the rain ... but it did rain. By the way, the Helen tile was created before even knowing about the Helen Hunt movie, so maybe I will set up a psychic hotline. And oddly enough, in that movie, it looks like Helen had some struggles deciding as well. I'm not realy sure why, as it seemed a pretty easy decision to me.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday, Monday

Now that there were fewer and fewer people to make more and more widgets, Molly was headed for breakdown mode. Her whole life was about widgets. There was no time for anything else. Molly always loved making widgets, but now she was having a hard time working up passion for the widgets. It reminded her of when she was little and she used to love eating beanies and weenies. Every day she would beg her mom to make her beanies and weenies for dinner, and every day her mom did. Then one day, she'd just had enough. Molly thought she would always love widgetmaking ... she loves the challenge of trying to create the best widget, the funniest widget or the most beautiful widget, but that was back when her life had balance and she spent weekends bikeriding and gardening and walking ... now that it's ALL about the widgets, she resents the widgets and wants to abandon them. Molly is anti-widget now ... She is ready for a change. Now widgets make her fidget, and there's no lifesaver in sight. Molly was dropped off at 9:30. The poor worn-out girl is underneath a mailbox (you know, like those old fashioned things where you put envelopes with stamps on them) ... the only mailbox at Southland Shopping Center on State Road 84 .... It's out towards 84, near some newspaper boxes. She is just waiting to be rescued. It's supposed to rain tonight and Molly's had a hard Monday .... so maybe someone should find her before she gets all wet.