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Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday, Monday

Now that there were fewer and fewer people to make more and more widgets, Molly was headed for breakdown mode. Her whole life was about widgets. There was no time for anything else. Molly always loved making widgets, but now she was having a hard time working up passion for the widgets. It reminded her of when she was little and she used to love eating beanies and weenies. Every day she would beg her mom to make her beanies and weenies for dinner, and every day her mom did. Then one day, she'd just had enough. Molly thought she would always love widgetmaking ... she loves the challenge of trying to create the best widget, the funniest widget or the most beautiful widget, but that was back when her life had balance and she spent weekends bikeriding and gardening and walking ... now that it's ALL about the widgets, she resents the widgets and wants to abandon them. Molly is anti-widget now ... She is ready for a change. Now widgets make her fidget, and there's no lifesaver in sight. Molly was dropped off at 9:30. The poor worn-out girl is underneath a mailbox (you know, like those old fashioned things where you put envelopes with stamps on them) ... the only mailbox at Southland Shopping Center on State Road 84 .... It's out towards 84, near some newspaper boxes. She is just waiting to be rescued. It's supposed to rain tonight and Molly's had a hard Monday .... so maybe someone should find her before she gets all wet.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger joe said...

I met Molly tuesday the 14th, noonish. Could it be she's hung out there for a week! Well, when we first met I was smitten but not knowing her history I said goodbye and went on my way. After checking into her background a little I immediately felt a sense of regret that I had left Molly to her own defenses. Knowing the area I felt she risked being defiled in some way, Hurrying back my heart flew when I spotted her still looking forlorn and apprehensive. Already we've become fast friends as remarkably we have many of the same interests, biking, gardening, going on long walks. Even the cat has fallen in love with Molly! Just wanted the world to know how much I appreciate thoughtful, creative people and how Fort Lauderdale needs more people like this to infuse some character into a sometime soulless area. As for Molly, she seems right at home here and rest assured, she will be well taken care of!

At 9:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Met molly Tuesday the 15th, noon-ish. Walked up to the mailbox and spotted her waiting hopefully. Not wanting to rob the next visitor of a smile, I carefully replaced her. Later on after reading her story and reflecting on the hard life that may await her on the gritty pavement of Southland I determined to return and rescue her before she could be defiled. She has now found a home with me and has moved in quite comfortably to her place of honor, having become fast friends with kj the cat. Now anyone who meets Molly can know that there are those out there who are trying to inject a little character and personality into what can sometimes seem like a soulless place :)


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