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Friday, March 05, 2010

Jack's Tini-Weenie Fridays

Every single day, Jack had to wear a suit to work and act all corporate and official. But come Friday night, anything goes. That's when Jack goes home and changes into his favorite PJs - the fuzzy ones with little bears all over them - and his slippers that look like wolves. Then he mixes a pitcher of Cosmo-tinis and fries up some hot dogs that he will later slather in bright yellow mustard. He calls his little end-of-the-week solo party Tini-Weenie Fridays.

After the hot dogs and while still working his way through the pitcher of Cosmo-tinis, he conditions his hair, applies a mud mask and watches whatever Netflix movies arrived in the mail that week.
Jack lives for Fridays. His friends are always asking him to go out for a few beers or dinner or whatever. But Jack never goes out on Fridays.

His friends just laugh at him and shake their heads and ask what he's doing instead.
"It's FRIDAY," Jack would say laughing. "So you KNOW what I'm doing. I'm getting teeny!" They already knew that, of course. They just liked to hear him say it.

Dropped Jack in a box for employment newspapers just alongside of State Road 84 at the shopping center with the Big Lots, which is apparently having a huge clearance sale. The box is out by the highway near a mailbox. It's not the bright blue job newspaper box. That one's empty, because everyone and their sister seems to be looking for a job these days. Jack's just trying to hold on to his until he can find something better, and that requires washing away the stress of his week with cosmo-tinis and hot dogs.