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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lobster girl

Lobster Girl is all about doubles. When she goes out, for instance, she gets two lobster tails. When she rolls the dice, nothing but doubles. Now she's taken up backgammon, and the local backgammon club members are a little worried, not only about her consistent doubles, but now she's whispering into the little dice cup, come on doubles, come on doubles. .... She says she's gonna take those dice on the road. Maybe she'll even play a game of backgammon while eating the twin lobster tails. She's determined now to get a gammon. That's where you win before the loser even gets to take one piece off the board.

She's somewhere whispering to the dice right now, saying "gammon, gammon" ... But herein lies the danger. You will never know of her deep knowledge of the game, at first. You'll think she's an amateur, doesn't even know how to set the darned board up ... at first. But then, within moments, the doubles are rolling and she's like, "Hey, have you ever played Greek Backgammon?" and "Let me tell ya what to do with this little dice" --- you know that one that comes with every backgammon board, and we never really know what to do with it and we think it's optional because it just has a bunch of weird numbers on it? Well, she knows what to do with that. Be on the lookout ... if you see her walking into your place with a backgammon board and ordering doubles of anything and muttering "gammon, gammon," approach carefully. It's kinda like when someone walks into a bar with their own pool stick and says they got it for Christmas but never got to try it out.

Lobster Girl was appropriately dropped at the first meeting of the South Florida Backgammon Club, but certainly not the last ..... Lobster Girl's co-conspirators were pretty good too. One, in fact, is suspected to be a founding member of the backgammon shark club. The other, not so much. Actually, she won no games at all. She kinda just offers the commentary, and cheers everyone on, for now. But we're not certain about her either, because she is the one who walked in with her own board. But she reeked of anchovies and garlic and black pepper .... perhaps her strategy for throwing the other plays off. But, that didn't work. So now she's thinking she might have to have the twin lobster tails, because maybe there's some magic in that.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Restaurant Gal said...

I used to play backgammon, too! Imagine....

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Mary Tiler More said...

So you can totally relate to Lobster Girl then ... well, at least the backgammon part of it.


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