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Friday, August 29, 2008

Kitty Cat Cosmo Party

Once again, Blackie got cut off at the Kitty-Cat cosmo party. He doesn't mean to get carried away at parties, but after a few cosmos with the girls from the office, he thought it would be a good idea to partake in a bit of catnip. When he started getting a little too frisky, the office women took away his catnip and told him he couldn't have any more cosmos, because boy cats aren't suppose to drink those anyway.

Blackie argued that he should be able to drink more cosmos because he likes to watch Sex in the City too, and he also had a long hard week at the office. But O.C. (Orange Cat) and Brownie Cat weren't buying that. O.C. said, "Blackie dear, I think you have had quite enough of the cosmos."

But Little Gray Cat just started getting a lot more refills on her cosmos and sharing them with Blackie, because she thinks Blackie's kinda fun when he gets nipped and starts telling all of his deepest darkest secrets, and all O.C. and Brownie ever wanna talk about is office politics.

Dropped all the kitties in the southeast corner of the parking lot of Southport Shopping Center at Cordova Road and 17th Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale. Alongside the Texaco in that corner of the parking lot there's this big recycling dumpster and around the back of that is this great cubby hole which is just perfect for hiding - and finding -- a tile. But you know, I think at some point, some big old truck will come along and lift that thing up and the kitties .... well, I don't know if they would survive that. So if you like kitties and cosmos, please go and rescue them.

I dropped this while out on my walk tonight, looking for the real Blackie, who inspired this tile. Last time I looked for him I couldn't find him, but apparently I was on the wrong street, because when I got to the end of one of those lifestyles of the rich and famous streets off Cordova, there he was outside of his big mansion where no one else seems to live. Actually, he was in the neighbor's driveway ... but he's usually at the big house. He didn't run up to me this time, but he came when I called him. We're buddies now and he was very happy to have the little packet of Whiskas I brought in my little backpack for him.

Blackie had a good night.


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