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Friday, August 08, 2008

Cube Workers Unite!

Fed up with their minimum wage jobs and unpaid overtime, three of the cube workers took a stand and others soon followed ... except for Robert, who was busy Twittering about the cube ladies.

Dropped the Cubers at a Dunkin Donuts late this evening at NE16th and Sunrise Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale ... in the ladies' room by the sink, on my way home. While driving on Federal pretty late at night, I saw a woman in a business suit dragging a little briefcase on wheels behind her. She must've just gotten off the bus ... way late. Or perhaps she was walking home from the office. Maybe she was a cube worker ... maybe she was a lawyer ... maybe she was a lawyer in a cube. Maybe she has a car, or maybe she is just trying to be more environmentally conscious by taking public transport.

I don't know. I simply know that everybody's working hard these days .... all trying to at least maintain their footing on that very slippery slope.


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