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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Turkey-day tiling

Took a few tiles on the road for Thanksgiving and gave them to people I'm thankful for. I kinda hid them, but not really, 'cause they already know about the Mary Tiler More thing (and still like me anyway). It was fun to see everybody and the turkey and trimmings were delish. We drove to a cool vineyard in the pouring rain, had dinner at a weirdly fun little place called Noah's Ark, and I ate my first stuffed jalapenos and learned how to play this great game simply called "washers." Except the part about remembering whose turn it is, it's pretty simple ... just a matter of throwing washers into one of three holes on a carpeted board. ... But it's downright addictive ... once you start you just can't stop. Even now, I want to play. Also, heard some great guitar strumming from a musician in an up-and-coming band that may or may not be called The Breakouts and ate at Chili's for the first time ever. Went on several drives, including one on a dirt road, where we could see nothing but trees and grass ... sometimes cows ... such a welcome change from what I typically see around here ... the grayness and the rain and the cold were perfect. The best part of all was just hanging with a buncha family and kiddies and the family doggies ... and other crazy adults acting like kids because hey, sometimes we all need to let loose once in awhile and just have some fun. And we did. We all had lots of fun. It was downright swirly. Left these tiles behind ... just random images that crossed my mind before vacation .... the third one was inspired by Carol Burnett. I painted it after watching a recent PBS special about her life .... Even though I never set out to paint people ... sometimes I start painting a character and then discover that it's starting to look like someone ... that's kinda how this one went. I call it "So Glad We Had This Time Together."


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