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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Canterbury Tales

Went to this cool little art show at Artist's Eye Fine Art Gallery in an area I think was called Canterbury Square in Dania. This gallery just opened and displayed the works of five artists ... I think the man in the tulip red shirt who said he was the gallery owner said something about the show being five artists' interpretation of the human body. The artists showing last night included Timothy Leistner, Sharon Basile, JoAnn Nava, Linda Fleischman and Rowena Smith. The exhibit was called 1 Man, 4 Women. My favorite was JoAnn Nava. I really liked her paintings, especially the one with snow, and her small spiky-haired figurines. I googled to see if she had a Web site I could link to here, and found a site that contained some of her work, but not the work I saw at the gallery. Interestingly enough, the site I did find contained a painting I saw earlier this year at a show at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood. That show had loads of local artists represented, as well as a video showing every local artist whose work didn't make it into the show. I looked at each piece of art, and my favorite out of that whole show was Nava's Cookies and Milk. I remembered that painting, but had no idea until just this minute that it was the same artist whose work I saw and loved last night. If you go to this page, it's the one in the center on the first row. Apparently, I really like Jo Ann Nava's art.

Everyone seemed to be having fun at the Square, which is conveniently located near Grampa's bakery. A few other shops in the square were open as well, including one that sold oils and nice-smelling stuff. It was a fun, chatty and lovely smelling little crowd. I slipped down the hall and hid these tiles in the ladies' room. It was a funny ladies' room too. You walk in and you're in this tiny space with two doors and a shower curtain. It felt like that game show where you have to choose door number, door number two etc. I tried door number two and sure enough, it was the one with the toilets and sink and a perfect little place to display a tile.

Overall, it was a pretty fun night. ... Interesting to note: The white wine ran out before the red, so I'm guessing it was a white wine crowd, and they're always a tad more chatty than the red wine crowd, don't ya think? I saw interesting art, heard choice snippets of conversation, drank a little wine, ate a cheese cube, and I think I may have actually seen two people who just met fall for each other ... and all of this on a night when we get an extra hour's sleep because of the time change. It was downright swirly. Swirly ... that's gonna be my new word. I'm not sure if anyone already uses that word in this context, but I think we should start. If you read this, maybe you could try to work it into your vocab, and see if we can get this off the ground, to the point where everyone's talking swirly, 'cause that would be swirly.


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