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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Mark goes to Beall's

Despite his seemingly calm demeanor, Mark leads a very fragile existence. Whenever he seems to be getting somewhere, obstacles come before him. But his biggest obstacle is himself. He can't envision that anything truly good will ever come into his life and stay, because he doesn't feel he deserves it. Mark has more baggage than Samsonite, so we shipped his hefty luggage out and dropped him at a Beall's outlet, which is the perfect place to regroup and start over. You can get a whole new outfit there for like, ten bucks. Not that clothes make the man ... but sometimes it's a start. Maybe someone will finally take him home and tell his little story to the world, so that others may learn from it. The lesson: If you expect bad things to happen, they most certainly will. Sometimes they will regardless. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't develop a vision, and trust in it, and trust in yourself. If you can't, then ask yourself why you're so darned untrustworthy.


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