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Sunday, November 04, 2007

MoonDoggie Day Afternoon

I know a lot of people who are currently unhappy with their jobs. One of the biggest complaints I hear, no matter what kind of job it is, is that they're overworked because the company keeps squeezing more and more work out of less and less people .... so now when people slack, it affects everyone in an even bigger way than it did before. When servers and hostesses don't do their roll-ups (that's where they roll the silverware in little napkins) then the person on the next shift has to work harder and longer. When a retail store clerk refuses to stock the shelves, the guy on the next shift has to work twice as hard. People are pissed off at the companies they work for, pissed that they're not having much of a life, pissed that their benefits cost so much more, pissed that despite how hard they work they can't afford the gas to drive to Disney World .... They're so pissed that they're gonna slide by doing as little as they possibly can. Screw this company, they say. But in reality, given the corporate brilliance of this system, they're only screwing their co-workers, and they're not gonna get fired because all the suits see is that the work is getting done. And if some are doing more than others, well, maybe they'll leave and then they can replace them with someone younger, and cheaper. I don't really know how you fight that ... but if you're not doing your roll-ups and you see it as a form of protesting against the company ... you might wanna rethink the actual effects. ... Anyway that's what inspired this little tile. People complaining, and rightfully so, about their jobs. I hear it everywhere I go.

I dropped Marcy the Slacker at MoonDoggies where I got a really fine and very large cup of New England coffee that was even better than Dunkin Donuts, and cheaper. This place has changed a lot since the last time I was there. Looks like they offer a lot more, and there were a lot more people there too. I kinda wanted to get the special, a tuna melt, but I had groceries in the car and the sun was too intense to leave them in there for long. The other cool thing about the menu is that it's always changing ... so you can just calltheir number (954/467-1105) to see what they have on any given day. ... kind of like a surprise. Apparently, this place is famous (well, that's what the menu says) for it's frozen hot chocolate, but I wonder how can it be frozen and hot. Guess it's the craziness of that, that makes it so famous. There's writing all over the walls in the restroom area, and in the restrooms ... well, in one of them. Not sure about the other. There were a LOT of people on their laptops here and it seems comfy. If I ever get a laptop, this would be my new hangout. I think if you get a laptop, you kinda have to go to coffeeshops. If I couldn't call work and say, "I'll be working out of MoonDoggies today, what would be the point?" MoonDoggies is at 1913 Cordova Road in Fort Lauderdale.


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