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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Telecommuting in Jammies

Despite professional advice, Deb telecommutes in her jammies, but she does carry her briefcase from the bed to the desk in the corner of her room, just for the sake of a ritual. At noon, she asks Shiloh, her kitty, to hold her calls while she goes and eats her sandwich. Shiloh doesn't mind. She's just glad to have company for a change. At the end of her workday, Deb gets dressed and goes out. What choice does she really have? At this point, staying home past 7 in the evening just feels like working overtime, because home is where the work is --- all of it.

Left Deb on a counter in the girls' room at Barnes and Nobles, 2051 N. Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale. There are telecommuters in the cafe there, but compared to Borders, it feels like a library ... a little too much. Too quiet. Also, the people with laptops don't look at home and there's not much room for spreading your work out on a table.


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