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Monday, June 23, 2008

Taylor Packs Her Bags

We're trained to think that running away from our problems is a bad idea, but Taylor thinks that sometimes it makes perfect sense. Not all of life's obstacles are surmountable, and sometimes the insurmountable stuff is just too big to work around ... So now, when Taylor gets to feeling that way, she just hits the ground running and doesn't look back. Well, actually she doesn't run. She walks with her backpack and her little lunch bag. And she does eventually look back. Actually, she walks back. ... She's done about five of these walks so far, and she gets a little further each time. It makes her feel like she really can escape it all, and it gives her a little space to be away from everything, so she can think. While on these little journeys, she also encounters many people on the street who actually don't have other options like she does. Somehow it puts everything into perspective. So even if she does return home 27 hours later .. tired, hungry and worn down by the road ... she knows things will be a little different. She'll whine a little less and appreciate the life she does have a bit more.

Left Taylor at a Sunoco station (that houses a Dunkin Donuts) at Powerline Road and Copans ... in the ladies room. We'll see if this post makes it through ... because Blogger seems to have obstacles of its own right now.


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