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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joan's clothes dilemma

Joan was smack in the middle of a clothes dilemma. Her friend James was in town exhibiting his giant painting at one of those fancy places where people wear suits and little black dresses. Joan always had a crush on James, so she wanted to go, but she's just not a little black dress kind of girl, and it was a little black dress kinda place. So after she bought the dress, which she sorta hated, she called her brother for advice.

"Take it back," he suggested."Just wear your jeans and sneakers and be yourself. You're one of his oldest friends, What are they gonna do, kick you out?"

"But Jason" Joan says, "I'm gonna be the only one there in jeans and sneakers."

"What do you care?" he replied. "Look, you wear a little black dress, you set a precedent. Next thing you know, you have to get a whole closet full of little black dresses to keep up this crazy charade. Then one day, years later, you wake up and realize you’re married to a man who doesn't even know you and your whole life is a sham, one lie after another. Nothing but little black dresses."

Joan laughed hysterically, told him he was absolutely ridiculous, and wore the little black dress. She deeply regretted it, and couldn't be herself in this thing. She felt like a complete sham, and her heels were blistered from those damned high heels she bought to match. She kept wishing she'd worn her jeans and red sneaks. She hated when Jason was right. Damn him.

Joan's hiding, in her little black dress, at Chicken Grill in Cordova Shops off 17th Street Causeway in Fort Lauderdale. And the person dressed like a chicken in the parking lot is doing a fine job of being a chicken. In fact, I hope the chicken gets the tile, because that chicken might know what's it like to wish you were wearing something else. Then again, it could be fun to be a chicken.


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