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Monday, May 26, 2008

Zoey, Phone Home

When Zoey was a kid her parents implied that she was from another planet. Now she wonders if if it's true ... because she never feels like she truly belongs anywhere. Sometimes she dreams of returning to whatever planet she's from, and discovering all the freaks with whom she shares so much ... her people. She just knows they'll love her unconditionally and welcome her home. When that finally happens, she's not even sure she'll come back to visit Earth at all. Basically, Zoey is trying to get abducted by aliens.

Left Zoey at a little yellow phone box (not the blue one) at the Shell station at State Road 84 and SW 9th in Lauderdale, so she could phone home if they don't come and get her. I was going to leave her at my reliable mailbox drop last night, but I do believe the security guy who rides around that shopping center in a little golf cart might be on to the fact that I'm hiding tiles at the mailbox. So now my life is officially wildly adventurous.


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