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Friday, May 23, 2008

Trusty Trixie

With that honest little face, everyone trusted Trixie with their secrets, but Trixie doesn't know how many more she can hold. She worries that one day her head will explode and secrets will burst out everywhere and the gossip mongers will dive to the floor to snatch them up, and no one will ever trust her again. She's glad that people trust her, but the burden of all their secrets is sometimes more than she could handle. She wishes they'd spread the secrets around a bit ... start telling some of them to other people.

Left Trixie at Winn Dixie on W. State Road 84, and I swear I didn't even think about that rhyhming thing until I just wrote it. Something seemed to be happening there at the store. There were police cars and fire engines outside, but inside no one seemed to be talking about. Trixie's kinda glad that no one let her in on that secret. She doesn't really wanna know. She's hanging out by the sink in the handicapped stall, 'cause you know, NO ONE ever tells secrets in the ladies room.


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