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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lucy Love

Lucy the Barmaid strategically scopes out people she feels might belong together. Then she tells each that the other likes them, but that they're kinda shy. Five out of 10 times, the pair wind up talking, and sometimes it's a match. If Lucy's bartending job was only about making drinks, she'd be bored. Lucy likes to feel like a host. She likes to connect people, not just romantically like a matchmaker does, but she just likes to get people talking about life and art and watever it is they're passionate about. She realizes how socially awkward we've all become. Look around you and everyone's writing on laptops, texting, yelling into cellphones ... people are intimate with technology, but not so much with people. Lucy sees what's lacking in many people's lives and how much people enjoy talking to each other once the barriers are broken down, so she kinda sees that as her little mission in life -- helping to break down the barriers. She's the real reason people come to that dingy little pub where she works. ... Well, that and the fact that they have a pretty decent jukebox.

Left Lucy Love in the loo at Dunkin Donuts at Oakland Park Blvd. and Andrews Avenue. I had to get a little iced coffee on my way home. I never used to like the stuff, but then last Thursday, I went there for the free vanilla iced coffee promotion and now I'm hooked. Tomorrow and for several Thursdays thereafter at DD ... free iced coffee, all day.


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