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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rosa's Rage

After working in her yard all day Sunday, Rosa looked forward to watching the movie Station Agent and eating the pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream she'd hidden in the freezer right behind the stack of Lean Cuisines. After showering, she got in her jammies, popped in her movie and went to retrieve her ice cream, only to discover that it was gone. Rosa was raving mad. She says she WILL find out who did this, and that when she does she's going to kick their butt from here to Hialeah.

My plan was to drop this off at El Tamarindo, a sort of well-kept secret of a cafe at 233 W. State Road 84, in Fort Lauderdale. Surely there's more people dining there than there once was, but if people knew how delicious the food was there, and how reasonably priced and how great the service ... and even the atmosphere, there'd be a line out the door. It's always too much food though, so you have to take half home for lunch, or dinner the next day.

I was going to leave Rosa on the counter in the ladies, but it's one of those doors that stays ajar and I was feeling a bit freaky paranoid today, as we all sometimes do (or maybe it's just me). Anyway, I felt like right in the middle of pulling it out of my bag, someone was gonna walk right in and there I'd be standing, tile in hand, looking all guilty, 'cause I've just never been very good at hiding things. Well, I AM good at hiding things, but once I get caught, I'm not good at trying to hide the fact that I was hiding it. It's complicated, yet so simple.

So no tiling at Tamarindo. Instead I dropped it at my old reliable mailbox spot in front of Southland Shopping Center at State Road 84. It's in the parking lot close to the road. Rosa was still seething about the missing ice cream when I shoved her under the mailbox. She's crazy. I don't know if she'll stay there, because she's hopping mad, and the moon is looking pretty darned full, which always has a tendency to send Rose over the edge. I don't think she's gonna be happy until she gets that mint chocolate chip ice cream. I hope she finds it because the look in her eyes sorta scared me.


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