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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tara's Cubicle Cap

Tara always wanted an office of her own, and now that she'd been promoted to sales manager, she thought she'd finally get one. Instead her boss gave her this silly hat to wear when she didn't want to be disturbed. In front of the whole staff, he said "When Tara has this hat on, no one is to disturb her. It means she's managing." Shortly after that, he went back into his office and shut the door. The corner office she'd been dreaming about remains empty. The bigwigs from the main office in New York used it when they're in town for the day. Tara is livid. She is so over her job, her boss and every other thing that's been happening lately, that she doesn't really want to talk to anyone. So she keeps her hat on all of the time. When people approach her cube, she puts up her hand in protest and points to the cap on her head. But seriously, she doesn't know how many more days she can do this before they finally can her. She has stopped working altogether now .... all she does is blog. Dropped Tara down at the river .... along the short cement wall by the Riverwalk ... near that really tall building with bluish windows, where all the rich people are always walking their little fluffy froo-froo dogs.

And about that park near there, at the corner of Las Olas and Andrews ... with the light sculptures or whatever they call it. I kinda like it when the trees are all lit up blue. I wish they would just leave it like that ... but those flashing colors ... totally unnecessary and kinda of cheesy if you ask me. But I'm sure it cost a fortune.

Haagen Dazs had free ice cream today, which is why I was down in the Riverwalk area to begin with. It was to promote their new flavor ... vanilla honey. It was good, for free ice cream. But if I were PAYING for it, I'd order the mint chocolate chip. By the way, someone told me recently that Haagen Dazs (I don't know how to make those little dots over the first 'a') actually doesn't mean anything. Like the name doesn't even translate to anything. I just looked it up and get this: It's an American brand of ice cream made by Nestle. I feel a little deceived now, so I'm kinda glad I didn't pay for my ice cream.


At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

one of these days... one of these days i will be fortunate enough to find a tile in time..

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Makes me wonder if this is a real person or you're just excellent at coming up with characters!

Oh, think of the hat hair!

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Mary Tiler More said...

Hat hair! She may never be able to take off that cap! Thanks. I'm thrilled that you find my characters so believable ... there is a little bit of someone I know, or overheard, or read about or imagined in every single one. I like saving up little moments of time and just mulling them over in the back of my head, and then when I sit down with my tiles and paint, the moments resurface in unexpected ways. Oddly, once I start creating these characters, I kinda feel like they're telling me their stories and I'm just taking notes. Tara wanted to dictate a whole blog of her own to me, but I have to draw the line somewhere ... at least for now.


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