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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dana the Downer

Dana whines all of the time about her life, her job, her kids, the government, her rotten neighbors .... on and on and on and on and on. Friends sometimes avoid her ... They say the negativity wraps around them like a snake and chokes every positive thought straight out of them, leaving them feeling as hopeless and miserable as Dana. Even on a good day, Dana's incessant whining about everything and everyone, is more than they can take, because even though everything in this world is totally out of control, sometimes people just wanna have fun and be happy with friends who radiate positivity and hope. But who doesn't understand that life is sometimes really overbearing? Talking it out is what we all do to cope. Sometimes, it's all we have to hang onto. It's what we do, because really, what else can we do? Truth is, sometimes we all feel depressed and just need to talk it all out. Dana is at Waxy's in Fort Lauderdale, on 17th Street, in the big stall in the ladies room, in that secret bottom drawer that no one ever looks in. So, if ya want her, go get her. But even if you don't, she's gonna be fine, just fine. Dana's a survivor.


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