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Monday, May 05, 2008

Sam I Am

Sammy has a niche. As Pembroke Pines rapper Sam I Am, he turns Dr. Seuss books into rap songs, and people are loving it. There's something about listening to lyrics that take you right back to when you were a kid. Even Sammy's parents like it. But some of Sam I Am's peers say he's a hypocrite. They say they've known Sammy all of his life, and that he has some nerve taking the name Sam I Am, who everyone knows is pushing the green eggs and ham. This might be believable if someone else were doing it, his friends say, but they all know that Sam I Am, the rapper, is a vegan and wouldn't push green eggs and ham if his life depended on it. Sam I Am says he is tired of the criticism, and that people need to rise above and see the bigger picture and the symbolism of it all. "If you think for even a minute that Dr. Seuss meant for this book to be about green eggs and ham," Sam I Am says, "then I just don't think you are getting the intended message of this book.

"Green Eggs and Ham," he continues, "isn't about about eggs or pork. It's about life." Furthermore, Sam I Am asserts, the reason he chose his moniker is because of the importance of this book. "There is only one book you really need to get through this life," he says, "and that book is Green Eggs and Ham. It tells you pretty much everything you need to know about life and human relationships. It is my bible."

Dropped Sam I Am off at a Dunkin Donuts around Sample Road and Powerline .... Maybe they'll make him some green egs and ham, and perhaps a special little latte too, with a bit of whip cream and maybe a dash of cinammon.


At 9:33 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Darn! I was right at Sample and Powerline earlier today!


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