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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Strongman Leroy

Leroy tried really hard to make it look effortless. I think in some ways, we all strive to do that. We want others to believe we're stronger than we are ... but sometimes we're just not. This tile, and some blank ones, went to another artist who wants to paint and hide some tiles.
Strongman Leroy and I parted way at Dirty Ernie's, which is oddly where the seed for this project was planted nearly a year ago. I still think I can reach the 100-tile mark by the one year anniversary of this little experimental project. Dirty Ernie's (that's what everybody calls it even though it's really called Ernie's) is the same as it's ever been. There's something sorta comforting about that, especially with the pace things are changing now. You drive past something one week, and the next it's just gone. I always eat on Ernie's rooftop ... They're well-known for their deeee-licious BBQ sandwiches, which are even more gigantic than I recall. It's a good place to go when you're really, really, really hungry. I wasn't quite that hungry, but I went anyway and had fun. Oh, and not only has the place not changed ... but it's still got that blue bike from the blue bike project out there. I love that whole concept but I always wondered if the guy who started that ever regretted letting that secret slip out. ... if he wished that he had told no one and that it was still a big mystery as to how the bikes got there. I kind of wish that was the case. Why are secrets, even our own secrets, so hard to keep? I'm actually pretty good about keeping other people's secrets ... but if I have a few glasses of wine, my own secrets occasionally slip out .... and usually, I come to regret that, almost immediately. Chardonnay = truth serum.


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