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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Not Guilty

You can ask as many times as you want and Courtney is still going to give you the same answer. She did not hang those little pink fuzzy craft store balls on the back of her idiot boss's black Hummer from a string. She had nothing to do with it. She swears it wasn't her, and so what if she just happened to be at Pearl the previous day. She goes to Pearl a lot but it doesn't mean she was buying little pink fuzzy craft store balls and yarn. No sirreeee. Courtney is not that kinda girl.

Dropped Courtney at the Shell Station at Federal Highway and NE 18th Street in Fort Lauderdale. She's by the pay phone, getting ready to call her lawyer about these false accusations people keep making ... 'cause, you know, she didn't do it.


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