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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Maggie's shell game

Maggie felt like a hermit crab forced out of her too-tight shell but still searching for that bigger shell that offers more growing room. Meanwhile, it's more complicated than she imagined out here (and brighter too), so she's constantly having to regroup and figure out new ways to deal with things .... But the truth is that sometimes Maggie longs to return to her simpler life, to hide again in the comfort of her small but smoothly worn shell -- her armor.

Dropped Maggie a little while ago at the restroom by the big public parking lot on Fort Lauderdale beach. Once there, I realized how long it's been since I sat on the beach at night and just how therapeutic it is to do that and to hear the waves gently lapping, as they have been doing for much longer than I have been on this planet. I'm not religious, so when anxiety sets in, I don't really have that out of looking for someone bigger than me to provide answers or calmness -- that feeling that all will continue to be OK with this world, and the people and animals that continue to try to survive here.

Like many, I've begun to rely more on denial as a coping mechanism. I realize it's a little lame in the long run, but it's also one of the most underrated short term coping mechanisms ever. It's got a bad rep, but in the end it's what sometimes gets us through the day, with a little less damage. Having said all that, however, I guess nature is my religion. It's way bigger than me, and far more powerful, and when I need it, it's just nice to know that it's still out there, waiting. I like to think that trend will continue.

So Maggie's still down there and from the looks of Fort Lauderdale beach this time of night, I'd venture to say that anyone wandering into a restroom down there right now might be in need of a nice little surprise. Once again, I tried every little trick I could think of with my camera (short of actually reading the lengthy small-print manual) and it appears night shots are not in the cards, not that they ever do moments like that justice anyway. You just have to be there on the beach to experience it.


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