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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not like the other library ladies

Lilith isn't like the other library ladies, at least not the ones in her workplace. For starters she dresses snazzier, adores graphic novels and frequents low-brow art shows. She also writes bizarre little haikus and inserts them into the middle of some of the most popular books on library shelves. Library Lilith is also a podcast star ... she does a program about behind-the-scenes gossip from libraries all around the U.S. ...

And boy, does she get the dirt. Of course, she uses her special library lady voice and goes by another name so she won't lose her job. Her fellow librarians, who are regular listeners, have no idea who's behind the podcast.

Dropped Lilith at Lester's Diner in Fort Lauderdale .... where they're always coming up with new ways to entertain people. Today, they had some kind of disco theme, where the lights go on and off, courtesy of Superfly, who created quite a buzz.


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