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Friday, July 04, 2008

Slightly irregular

Molly's the sorta girl who spends months painting little flowers all over the outside of her house ... the kinda girl who goes walking and comes home 9 miles later ... the one who brings 48 deviled eggs to a party for 10, just to be on the safe side. ... Some say she's a freak, but Molly prefers to think of herself as slightly irregular, which explains why all the slightly irregular clothes fit her so darned well .. and fortunately for her, those are the ones that always seem to be on sale.

Despite nearly quitting a week ago, I'm back ... not every day ... but it being a three-day weekend and all, I figured I could squeeze in a little painting time ...

Dropped Molly over at My Market. She sitting up in the window in the ladies' room. I really like My Market because it feels like one of those little general stores ... more so than a convenience store. They have a little deli in the back and all the locals know that if you want a really, really good sub, this is the place to get it. And you can eat it here too, because there are tables back there. It's the sorta place where you could just sit at another table with people you didn't even know ... and it would be OK. People see other people they know here ... you know, like 'Hey Joe, how's it going? What the heck ya been up to?" It's that kind of place.

My Market is also so damn reliable ... Everybody in these parts know that after a hurricane has passed and you're jonesing for a good cup of coffee, My Market will be the only place offering it ... Sure, there will be a line out the door, but these people know how to keep it moving. They're ready for anything ...

Also, if I'm not mistaken, there are bells on the front door. Now, it could just be my imagination ... because I love walking into a store and hearing the clang of hanging bells on the door, 'because everything the bells stand for makes the whole experience feel more personal, and so it seems like there should be bells here. Sometimes my memory just edits things in. I'll have to double check when I go back and see if they're really there.

It feels appropriate on "Independence Day" to be writing about a business that's not owned by some big huge corporate conglomerate ....


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