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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Good Day

As creatures of habit we all have routines that make it difficult to differentiate one day from the next. But every once in awhile a fabulous day comes along that's so special that it makes all the other days sit up and take notice.

Dropped this tile at the former CVS Pharmacy, 17th Street and Andrews Avenue in Fort Lauderdale, on the south side of the store in the blue newsbox for a publication called Florida New Homes and Condos. It's in the pile there. Not exactly a happening spot. I spotted my last tile there by the phone that I'm guessing doesn't get used much. It feels like time is standing still at that place ... Some big moving truck pulled up to the front of the store one or two weeks ago and has been sitting in the same spot ever since .... like maybe someone forgot to return it.

This will be my second to the last tile for a little while as I'm taking about a week off.


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