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Sunday, July 06, 2008

B-Frog Blues

Though B-Frog is a Blue Poison Dart Frog from from South America, it hurts his feelings when he hears humans call him "toxic" ... mostly because the word toxic now has such negative connotations, what with all those humans discussing their "toxic friendships" and"toxic relationships." It's not like B-frog was born toxic. He got that way from eating all those insects. And being toxic works for him, because it keeps away predators who would like to eat him for lunch.

B-Frog claims humans are equally toxic from all the fast food places they're always driving through. He's heard that humans are, in fact, so toxic that they're starting to not even want to be around each other. As he understands it, all communications are now done via e-mail and something called text messaging.

Dropped Blue Froggy off to spend time with his relatives who are in town for the Frogs exhibit at the Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale. He was last seen on a shelf in the ladies' room.

It was pretty amazing to see real Blue Poison Dart Frogs ... Apparently, they're called that because toxins from these frogs have been used on the tips of arrows and darts, making them poison darts. The blue frogs are gorgeous with beautiful intricate patterns of black spots. Also present was one of B-Frogs relatives, the Golden Poison Frog, which contains enough poison to kill 20,000 mice or 10 people, which is pretty powerful when you consider that these frogs are only about one to 2 inches.

There were loads of other frogs, too, all totally worth the price of admission, as was The Wild Ocean, an IMAX movie about the sardines at the core of a huge feeding frenzy off the South African coast. We're talking giant schools of sardines that stretch as long as 10 miles and are pursued by dolphins, whales, sharks, gannets and fishermen. It's pretty intense, and I never could have imagined how beautiful sardines are until you witness the awesome power of thousands and thousands of them, all glimmering and moving in perfect unison.

Later, on the way home, stopped at a Starbucks on 17th Street for a coffee and encountered Sara on a nice little display stand behind the counter. I dropped her off in the ladies' room there about two weeks ago and never knew what became of her. It was kind of a weird but really nice feeling, looking up while waiting for my coffee and spotting her there, looking like she fit right in. Sara believed good things would happen, and they did. It made me kinda happy. She's right next door to Sean, who was dropped off at Cold Stone Creamery a week before that, and is now encased in glass on the wall. They always kinda liked each other anyway, and now they're neighbors, and at least for a fleeting moment, all is right with the world.


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