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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Undecided Ivy

When Ivy saw those people spontaneously break into dance in the parking lot of a diner one day, it looked like so much fun. She really wanted to just jump right on and join them but she felt too shy. Later, she got to thinking that we're all gonna die someday anyway, so why not LIVE just a little? She vowed, in the future, to be more spontaneous, and not to worry so much about how people might perceive her, or anyone else with the audacity to dance in the parking lot of a diner.

Dropped Ivy off, after a ridiculously long day, at a phone booth (that actually seems to be working) outside Walgreen's on Andrews Avenue, just north of Oakland Park Boulevard. The people hanging around looked like they could benefit from a little parking lot jig. But you know, nobody was actually jigging today. But who knows what tomorrow will bring. It is, after all, Friday.


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