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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Anita cup of coffee

This is how Anita looks before stopping at Dunkin Donuts each morning. Between her PR job, which now takes about 60 hours a week and her secret night job, she sometimes has trouble staying awake on the road. Despite a tight budget, she won't give up the DD coffee and insists it's the most incredible thing ever invented. Even before going to bed at night, she anticipates that first sip in the morning. She doesn't take coffee for granted ... ever. It's that one true thing in her life ... sometimes, it's everything. Since she goes to the same DD every morning, she sees a lot of the same people. Even though she never talks with them, they feel like family. She thinks the little quiet guy who sits at a table with his donut and coffee each morning feels the same way. He never talks to anyone, just likes to watch all the regulars come and go while enjoying his morning routine, and sometimes he gives a little smile, like he knows we're all coming here for the same reason. Left this little tile at the best Dunkin Donuts ever. It's on Federal Highway near Commercial. After you've been there a few times, they don't even have to ask what you want anymore, they just know. Anita just loves that there's anyone on the planet who just knows what she wants. It makes her feel kinda special.

Just as mornings are for coffee, evenings, at least this one, are for beer. As an Irish-American, Meghan understood it was her duty to get out there on March 17 and hear Irish music and drink Guinness until she was clover-eyed. That's the term her mother (God rest her soul) used for tipsy ... clover-eyed or shamrock-faced. Actually, her mom told her not to get-clover-eyed OR shamrock-faced, especially if she was driving, so she doesn't really, not too much. Her mom also told her to always watch her drinks when she goes out, to never leave them unattended. Meghan used to think it was because someone might steal her beverage when she went to the ladies room, but then Meghan's sister told her it was because mom thought someone was gonna slip them a mickey. Then of course, Meghan had to ask what a mickey was. Anyway, Meghan was left at Maguires on Paddy's Day night, 'cause that's the only place that feels like home. Not Himmarsheee, which has blues on a stage outside and green beer. Maguires. Yeah, it's hard to get over paying ten bucks to walk in the door ... and after walking blocks to get there ... but then, how many times have we listened to the music for free? And, well, it's the next best thing to dancing in your living room. AND some really cool older lady, old enough to be her mom, offered her food, right off her plate. It's THAT kind of place. It was worth every penny and every block walked to get there. And fiddle music to boot. Left this tile, through top secret assistance, in the ladies room.

I know that I, Mary Tiler More, said I was going on hiatus .... and I feel I should, but not from tiles. ... just everything else.


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