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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The New Lydia

Now that there were no little chunks of her heart left, Lydia worried that she would become bitter and twisted like those older ladies at the insurance company where she worked. In fact, Lydia's new bitter demeanor prompted those ladies to invite her to happy hour at Biddy's. She planned to go and knock back some friggin' tequila. That's how Lydia talked now ... like the kind of ladies who knocked back tequila on Fridays at Biddy's and swore a lot. She was considering taking up smoking too ... and swearing. She planned to carve out a whole new identity for herself. All new shit from here on in. But in the end, Lydia was dropped at Waxy O'Connor's, not Biddy's. She didn't really care which Irish pub it was, long as they had her brand of tequila and she could drink and smoke cigarettes. She didn't actually have a brand of tequila, but she thought she should find one if she was gonna keep hanging out with the insurance ladies.


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