One woman, lots of paint and hundreds of tiles. If you're here because you found a painted tile, it's yours to keep.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Pixy Stix Jimmy

Went on a three-hour walk and left this tile around the bridge on Las Olas, near Storks. They have gondola rides. Some maniac man was screaming into his cell phone across the street, yelling "What are you, an asshole?" I'm sicking of seeing people talking on cell phones all the time ... especially yelling into them. I'm glad I don't have one of those things. Don't need one. Don't want one. Jimmy doesn't have a cell phone either ... but he does have Wax Lips. He also likes Pixy Stix and sometimes he has to poke a hole in the Wax Lips to get the Pixy Stix into his mouth.


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