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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Anti-bully Suzy

Pushed a little too far, Suzy came up with her own zero-tolerance for bullying policy. Her life is more manageable now, and she even made it out to an art show at a coffee house called Undergrounds (cute name). There thankfully weren't any bullies there. Despite that people were crammed in like sardines, there was no pushing or shoving. It's a teeny tiny little place and a more comfortable spot to visit when there's not so many people there. The art remains on display and for sale here for weeks after the show ends, so there's always time to see it later. Suzy's still there on a shelf in the rest room (there's just one). If you need her encouragement to develop your own anti-bullying policy, you can take her home. But remember, no bullying. None. Suzy's had it with bullies.


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