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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The gap widens

Some days, it's all about words. Today's one of those days. On the way home I passed a limo a mile long coming out of Himmarshee Village, probably full of champagne-swilling people who have more money than they know what to do with ... I also passed a house in my neighborhood that now has about four trucks parked in front of it every single night ... and never any lights. I'm guessing the people who stay there work for the rich investors who bought up some of the houses around here and now can't unload them. I'm also guessing their workers can't afford places to live so they're letting them live in that house, with no electricity, in return for their continued labor. Every day I see more people getting closer to the edge. Many people are slowly depleting their savings accounts ... and are dangerously close to losing their jobs, as more companies fold or lay off people. I think we'll all soon be forced to change our lifestyles, more than we have already. Maybe we should get used to doing with less now, so the change won't be so shocking. Maybe we should start sharing more of what we do have. Dropped this tile at a McDonald's somewhere on Powerline Road.


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