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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Runaway Rain Car

During rainy season, Rona skipped all of her yoga classes because she found a new and cheaper way to work in her meditation. When the seasonal afternoon thunderstorms arrived, Rona slipped out of the office and into the backseat of her car until it was over. The sound of rain hitting metal made her feel totally mesmerized, and in a deep state of relaxation ... and she didn't have to waste any gas or get stressed out in traffic to get there. And now that she started using Rain-X, she really likes the way the water beads on the windows. It's quite beautiful, really.

Ironically, Rona's at a gas station right now -- the Texaco at the corner of 17th Street Causeway and Cordova Road in Fort Lauderdale. She's at the pay phone, one that actually works. She already checked the slot, but there were no quarters in there.


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