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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bob's very very bad day

Bob has coccinellidaephobia, so he was not pleased to walk out his back door and find ladybugs everywhere. Over the fence he heard his neighbor Suzi laughing hysterically. Apparently she was talking on the phone and telling her friend, "Yeah, the ladybugs are everywhere. It's fabulous!" He also heard her talking about how much fun it was to "release them" in the garden at midnight.

Bob thought Suzi had really stepped over the line this time, especially since she knew of his deep-rooted fear of the polka-dotted creatures. Who does this kind of stuff?

That morning, Bob vowed to move far far away if she kept up these shenanigans. He just couldn't do this anymore. These damn little spotted bugs were actually landing on him, and he was completely freaking out. Bob ran inside, shut the door and didn't come out all day, even though he later heard Suzi yelling over the fence, "Bob, come see the ladybugs!" But Bob wasn't budging until the coast was clear.

Dropped poor little frightened Bob in the ladybugs room at Starbucks at Federal Highway and Broward Boulevard in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The workers there looked very happy tonight ... maybe because that store's not closing and they get to keep their jobs.


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