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Friday, June 13, 2008

Grace's Cleaning Party

Sometimes Grace feels like an outsider who is looking in ... at a party. It may not actually be a party, but Grace tends to imagine people having much more fun than they're actually having. She does this even when she's thinking about people and wondering what they're up to. Like, she'll think about her brother and she pictures him riding roller coaster at some amusement park or singing Nights in White Satin after several beers with the other brother or running through the park with his little dog ... but in reality he could be cleaning out his garage, but she never imagines him doing that. On Friday night, when she's home cleaning her floors and emptying the kitty litter box and cleaning out the fridge, she imagines that all her friends are out at the movies, or listening to live bands downtown or having a leisurely meal over at Tipico. But seriously, most of them are probably at home doing their own chores. But if all of them were having as much fun as Grace imagined they were always having, well, they might actually get bored with all that fun ... because it's all the dirty little chores we've gotta do that make everything else fun by comparison. So in reality, while she's scooping the kitty litter box, she's working on her future fun.

Left Grace under the mailbox at Southland Shopping Center on State Road 84. The mailbox is out there by the road, near one of the two groups of newspaper boxes (not the one by Dunkin Donuts, the other one).


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