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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Eve's Economic Depression

After 17 years spent working for the same company, Eve was forced into the growing ranks of the unemployed, and she felt like a big fat loser. She didn't realize that this was not personal failure ... just the end of the economy as she knows it ... the end of her being able to pay her bills, or go on vacation, or help out her kids when they're in a jam, or afford the rising cost of groceries. On the upside, she's started growing her own vegetables and trading seeds with neighbors. She also began riding her bike, creating art and donating her time to help homeless people. She's thinking of putting some of them up in her home, so they can get jobs and help her to pay the rent. She's still deeply worried about what will happen when her severance runs out, but she's starting to see that maybe there's a way to make all of this work. ...

Dropped Eve at Five Guys in the Cordova Shops off 17th Street Causeway. She's become a decoration near the sink in the big stall in the ladies room, until someone finds her, and they should, because she could teach them a thing or two about gardening now, and she needs to stay busy so she can do good things and stop worrying so much.


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