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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Clara's Tuesday Outings

One Tuesday Clara was feeling sorta down in the dumps, and as she was walking through the park she noticed a lot of older ladies who seemed really happy, even though they were all alone. Some of them were feeding the birds and talking to them as they gathered and the other was sitting at a picnic table surrounded by lots of very happy looking cats. Despite that Cat Lady looked like she didn't really have much in this world, she did have a sack of cat food and a stack of little bowls and a loyal following of feline friends who apparently had her daily routine down and scheduled their lives accordingly.

Clara realized that the difference in mood between her and the ladies in the park pretty much came down to that. While she was just thinking about all the little problems rolling around in her own head, those very independent ladies were thinking of what they could to to contribute to the happiness of some birds, or kitties and maybe people as well.

The park ladies had unknowingly taught her something about life and on Tuesdays, she started picking flowers here and there on her way to the park... She didn't really think of it as stealing since none of those rich downtown businesses would really miss a flower or three .... and the ladies in the park were happy, not just to get whatever Clara had picked for them that day ... They just liked chatting with her ... even though they all thought she was a little weird, and sometimes talked about that among themselves.

One Tuesday, Clara actually heard one of them saying to the other that she wondered what time Weirdo Flower Girl was going to come along. But Clara didn't take it personally. After all, these were ladies who talk to birds in the park and even have names for the birds. She knew if they called her strange, it was only because they liked her, and that they knew she was truly one of them, which she is.

Hid Clara in a stairwell in the City of Coral Gables Museum Parking Garage ... though I'm not sure what museum they mean. But surely someone will find it, as it's in a pretty obvious spot. They might even think it belongs there, and maybe it does.


At 3:46 PM, Anonymous kat said...

I was excited that you adventured into Dade County. My sister works in Coral Gables so I sent her on a mission. She could not find Clara. We hope that someone found her and gave her some flower!

At 3:54 PM, Blogger Mary Tiler More said...

Well, thanks. Clara is at the bottom of the stairwell, just inside the door, or at least she was the last time I saw her. She doesn't need a flower though. Clara has LOTS of flowers .... she finds them everywhere ... no one ever misses them. But she might like to go on a trip to the park next Tuesday :) Thanks for trying to find her ... or having your sister look for her.

At 3:54 AM, Anonymous Carlos Miller said...




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