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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Dana's Deep Denial

Dana thinks denial is an underrated coping mechanism. So every morning she tells herself: I will still have a job tomorrow ... All those species aren't really becoming extinct ... there is no so-called global warming ... and no recession. Dana knows there's no recession because she can still afford the gas to get to work, as long as she cuts back on groceries and continues borrowing from her increasingly small nest egg. When Dana gets to wondering how much longer she can afford the luxury of remaining in denial, she doesn't drive herself crazy with thoughts about how to cut expenses. She simply tells herself that everything will get better soon. And it has to, because if it doesn't, Dana could become homeless. And she knew that THAT could never happen. Right?

Dropped Dana downtown at the Downtowner, in the ladies room, in a nice comfy wicker chair.


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