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Friday, September 14, 2007

Jim goes to West Palm Beach

Left Jim somewhere around Rosemary Street in West Palm Beach, across from the parking garage, not far from City Pizza, which I have to say I didn't like very much. The slices were delish but we were told that if we were only having slices, we would not be able to sit at a table inside. Let me tell ya, this place is no fancier than the Floridian, the 24-hour diner on Las Olas .... AND almost every table was empty. Bottom line, we were starving so we ate outside, which was probably more pleasant anyway ... but ya know, it's the principle. Now, it's an outright boycott. No City Pizza. Down with City Pizza. If the pizza was good I was going to leave Jim there ... but because of their ridiculous policies I left Jim on the street, right along a sidewalk leaning against a building. I watched a couple walk right by and look .... but I think they thought Jim belonged there. Maybe he does.


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