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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Art served

Dropped this little tile at an art show over at Artserve in Fort Lauderdale. It's a picture of Penny. Here's her story: Penny cried when she saw Justin walking away from a dumpster with donuts. Six months ago, before the agency laid off Justin, they used to walk to Starbucks together. Now she wanted to take him to breakfast to talk, but how could she when he needed so much more and she was already behind on her condo payments. Instead, she pretended not to see him. Justin died the following Tuesday. Jumped off an overpass by 95. He was still wearing the same Fuck Bush shirt that Penny saw him wearing the previous weekend. He and Penny bought those shirts together. The newspaper article said the jumper’s Fuck Bush shirt had jelly stains on it. That’s how Penny knew it was Justin. Jelly donuts were his favorite.

The art show was great. Paintings, sculpture, films, open mike, some big weird creature roaming around. I think they called him Articide or something. What the hell WAS that?


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