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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Supercog taken to the cleaners

Dropped "Supercog" at a Fort Lauderdale laundromat. Alex isn't what you'd call a "suit," but he's a "junior suit," and he's already lost his soul. He was a creative guy who painted and played music while listening to opera. He wrote stories and made a series of little films about the adventures of a tiny little stuffed brown bear call Pinky. In his spare time, while not running his eBay bookstore, Alex created brilliant ad campaigns, mostly for his favorite non-profit organizations. His campaigns captured the attention of Weedles, a prestigious ad agency that offered him a job then promoted him -- twice. The money is good, but today he deals far less with creative and more with budgeting and management. He's become one of THEM. He's got an office with a view and a luxury apartment, but he can't remember the last time he had fun. Sometimes Alex looks at Pinky, who now sits on a shelf, and remembers the simpler life he once loved. Back then he had the energy to create till the wee hours and still go out partying with his friends the next night. Back then he HAD friends. Today Alex is a shell of a man, power-tripping and intimidating his way to the top, only to discover it really IS lonely up there … just a bunch of empty-hearted corporate bullies. Alex longs for the days he made art and listened to music in his crappy little apartment, and wondered if it was too late to turn back.


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