One woman, lots of paint and hundreds of tiles. If you're here because you found a painted tile, it's yours to keep.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Fresh tiles

"Bunny Rabbit" is gratfeul. The story on back says it all. I left the rabbit's location on Dropspots.org on Tuesday night after having a Guinness at Dicey's, then visiting Christmas on Las Olas where there was an actual snow hill and mini-flurries.
"Larry" (the guy above whose only passions are butterflies and pinot grigio) was left in a tidy six-inch spot between two businesses around the 3300 bock of NE 33rd Street - directly across the street from a sportsy-looking pub called Wally's (Fort Lauderdale) on Sunday night ... "Plastic Marcy," (Queen of Collagen), was left somehwere near Bayview and Oakland in a rather obvious place an hour later. I was on foot and my purse was weighing me down ... I got a little lazy.


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