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Monday, November 27, 2006

Art Scavenger Hunt

This weekend was the big Art Scavenger hunt, where a bunch of artists hide art in Himmarshee Village and everyone’s invited to come find it.
It was fun seeing so many people run all over Himmarshee poking through bushes with flashlights and getting down on their hands and knees to look for art under dumpsters … not to mention the excited screams when something was found. It was even funnier to see observers who had no clue why people were running around shining flashlights into bushes. They must have thought someone lost something, and everyone was helping them look for it.
I didn’t find anything, as I was distracted with all the people watching and I secretly hid three of my own tiles as well. I discovered just how bad I am at doing anything inconspicuously. I’m gonna have to work on that if I want to continue keeping my real identity a secret. (You didn’t really think my name was Mary Tiler More, did you.)
One of the many reasons I use another name is that it feels easier to deal with criticism that way. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my years of attending art shows it’s that people can sometimes be really mean. I’m sure you can tell by looking at my tiles that I’m not a serious artist. I didn’t graduate from an art school (or ever attend one) nor did I inherit some great natural talent for drawing or painting. I know people will call my tiles frivolous and silly and they are. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t hide them in random places around town.
It was especially exciting to hide them in a place where people were actually searching for art. For the first time ever – I got to see one of the recipients of my tiles. I saw the guy walking off with it under his arm and I think it was “Kelly” – the green-eyed girl with no nose. Then, I got to see something really real. A guy was passing by him carrying the piece of art he found and they compared finds. When the guy carrying my tile showed it to the man, he did this little shrug and kind of smooshed his face up disdainfully as if to say “What the hell?”
I’ll post poor little “Kelly” here, along with “Martini Girl” and “Emo Stevie” both of which have their tiny little stories on the back. I also hid a few in little alleyways not far from the beach on Sunday. I'll put them on the next post.
I think I’m going to try to do something other than faces next, but maybe not. I still have hundreds of tiles in the closet so I guess I can do anything I want.
Anyway, art scav hunt was as fun as I remembered it to be, but I think it took some people awhile to figure out who the artists were when they arrived back at Tavern 213 to get their works signed. Maybe the artists should wear little hats with those things that spin around on the top or something. But the people who were there on those crazy bikes … I’m not sure if they were artists but they could definitely give pointers on how to stand out in a crowd. … 1) Drape your bikes in pink fur, lime green umbrellas, wind chimes, neon and daisies 2) Wear orange fuzzy pajama pants and peach crocs 3) Dance in the street.
After seeing so many fun-minded people in one spot, I’m thinking Himmarshee Village would be a prime spot for one of those massive flash-mob pillow fights I heard about last year. All of these people showed up at a designated street corner at a designated time and started swinging their feather pillows at everyone around them. Some Web site had photos of the fiasco online and it looked hysterical … I mean how could you not laugh until you cried just seeing something like that?


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